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This game was made as part of the 2017 Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam. The theme was "Dual Purpose Design", inspired by the arcade game Downwell. The idea was to create a game where one mechanic served multiple purposes.

How does your submission match the theme?

In this game, you move using the recoil from firing your gun - dodges are attacks and vice versa. However, you can't just mash fire and hope for the best: hitting a civilian means an instant game over, while a poorly-timed shot will send you careening into hazards. Therefore, any action calls for precision and forethought.

Third-party resources

Made with Game Maker.
Music made in Famitracker.
Sound effects made with sfxr.


Richard Gottlieb (me).

Install instructions

Simply run the executable.


Recoil Detective.exe 2 MB

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